Art studio and TV studio appeared in a village school in the Kostanay region

Uritskaya general education school No. 1 is 136 km from the regional center. 300 children study here. The school has become a third rural hub school to be equipped under the "Capacity Building of Hub Schools in Rural Area" program, which is implemented thanks to the support of the Kazakhstan Khalkyna Fund.

From October 31 to November 01, school teachers have attended a two-day training course at the Kokshetau NIS. The courses in 14 school subjects were conducted by trainers from the Republican Center for Educational Programs. Furthermore, a training program for teachers of rural schools was started on the basis of the Kostanay NIS school. An intensive program with the involvement of NIS trainers for teachers will be held until February 2023. Upon its completion, the school will move to a three-year methodological support.

The material and technical facilities of the Uritsky school have been completely renovated - 32 classrooms and workshops were equipped. In addition to the subject classes, school was equipped with additional education rooms: FabLab, art studio, and TV studio, lab and STEAM class room.

The renovations have been performed at the expense of the Kazakhstan Khalkyna Fund in the amount of 249,825,000 KZT. Also, among the sponsors, we want to mention the Beeline Kazakhstan Company, which has channeled its funds to the Kazakhstan Khalkyna Fund.