How was the presentation of the school in Ayagoz in the Abay region

Every morning the SRDF team is able to surprise you and give you a drive! Today's school presentation was held in Ayagoz, in the Abay region. This Kazakh school-gymnasium has become a part of a larger joint project of the Fund for Sustainable Development of Education and the Kazakhstan Khalkyna Fund.

The school is 342 kilometers from Semey. There are 1,051 children and 100 teachers here. Thanks to the partners and sponsors of the "Capacity Building of Hub Schools in Rural Area" project, gymnasium now has 32 classrooms, workshops, and a library. There are the STEM classroom, an art studio, and our own mobile TV studio.

The work to update the material and technical base was carried out with sponsorship from the Kazakhstan Khalkyna Fund in the amount of 249 825 000 KZT. Beeline Kazakhstan has donated to the project. From funds received for the "Capacity Building of Hub Schools in Rural Area" project in the context of cooperation with the Kazakhstan Khalkyna Fund – 2 bln KZT were devoted by the Beeline Kazakhstan Company. These funds are used for modernization of 8 of the 17 schools participating in the project.

All teachers have attended a series of intensive master classes with NIS teachers: how to provoke interest of children in science and history, how to explain complex topics in 14 school subjects in a popular and accessible way. The intensive training program will last until February 23, 2023, and then the school will move to a three-year methodological support.

The training and methodology are provided by NIS specialists free of charge, and the costs of administrative and organizational activities are reimbursed by sponsorship from the AITAS Holding.

We thank all participants of the presentation for their attention to the project and looking forward to your comments and support!