More than Two Thousand Classrooms to Renovate in Rural Schools in 2023

Since 2022, we have been building a special ecosystem of rural hub schools.

In the future, educational institutions participating in the project “Development of the Potential of Hub Schools in Rural Areas” will become educational hubs for nearby small schools.

To do this, our Foundation, as the project operator, is updating the material and technical base of schools. Everything necessary is purchased, after an analysis of the school, with sponsorship funds from the Kazakhstan Khalkyna fund.

Before working with 62 hub schools, we conducted an analysis of their material and technical base. The analysis showed problems in equipping schools with classrooms. For example, before the project, there were no areas for intellectual games in all schools.

Only 8% of schools had fully functioning robotics classrooms. Equipped technology classrooms, complete with cooking, sewing, plumbing and carpentry workshops, were only in 3% of schools.

As a result, the schools participating in the project received classrooms of a new modern modification in all subjects and areas of education. There are zones for intellectual games in each school.

In 2023, 2,374 classrooms were equipped in 62 participating schools of the project. Of these: 1,644 classrooms, 352 auxiliary and administrative rooms, 259 classrooms for additional education, 119 common areas and recreation areas.

We will continue this work in 2024.