New Hub School to Presented in Kostanai

Beimbet Mailin Gymnasium №7 is located in Rudny city of Kostanai region. Despite the fact that its design capacity is 900 students, 1 158 students are currently studying here.
As part of the project “Development of the Potential of Hub Schools in Rural Areas”, Gymnasium №7 has undergone significant changes. Classrooms have become oases of modern education. Interactive panels, laboratory equipment, 3D printers and virtual reality have become an integral part of the educational process, inspiring new research and discoveries.
But it is not only in the educational building that life is in full swing. Equipment for the Kazakh national games was purchased to support the physical health and athletic development of students. And in the art studio and TV studio, everyone finds an opportunity to realize their creative ideas.
Additionally, all teachers at the school have completed advanced training courses aimed at working with modern tools in order to expand their knowledge. Partners in project implementation are the Fund for Sustainable Development of Education and Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools AEO.
The other day, Lazzat Chinkisbayeva, the Deputy Chairman of Qazaqstan halqyna PF has visited the school who got acquainted with interim results of the project, as well as familiarized with students and teachers at the school.