We are looking for reliable partners

The Education Sustainable Development Fund invites suppliers of school furniture and equipment to participate in the project “Development of the potential of hub schools in rural areas”. Throught the project, it is planned to completely update the material and technical base of more than 190 schools in rural areas and single-industry towns, and school teachers will be trained and receive methodology from NIS specialists.

The Education Sustainable Development Fund, together with the Kazakhstan Khalkyna Fund, has been implementing the project “Development of the potential of hub schools in rural areas” in all regions of Kazakhstan since 2022. In March 2023, the equipment of the first 17 participating schools of the project will be completed and we are starting to implement the second stage of the project.

More than 50 schools will be included in the project and during 2023 we will have to equip them according to the project standards. To implement such an ambitious task in a short time, we invite companies that have experience in complex equipment of schools, as well as sufficient material, technical, financial and labor resources to participate in the project.

To pass the selection, candidate companies must provide a questionnaire and required documents. If documents confirm the necessary qualifications, we will invite representatives of the company for an interview.

You can download the questionnaire here.

The deadline for submitting questionnaires is until February 6, 2023.