The project "Rural School Powered by NIS" held an educational tour for 25 teachers of rural schools

May 4 and 5, we organized a tour in Nur-Sultan for leaders and teachers of schools participating in the project “Rural School Powered by NIS.” Its purpose was to introduce the best standards of education in the regions. The project was organized by the Sustainable Rural Development Fund with the private sponsorship of entrepreneur Serik Tolukpaev, the participation of the capital's education department, as well as partners from “Nazarbayev Intellectual School”, the autonomous educational organization.

NIS representatives shared their impressions: “The engineering NIS HUB of the Intellectual School of Physics and Mathematics aroused the greatest interest among teachers. Teachers were inspired by new directions in teaching. During their visit to the hub, they came up with new ideas and projects that they are planning to implement in their school.”

On the first day, the participants of the tour visited the capital's schools No. 85, No. 89, No. 8, Binom, NIS FMN, the Schoolchildren's Palace, as well as the Arka Alan children's national sports center and the Art Tumar national applied arts center. Schools and centers were selected in such areas as the modernization of education, the organization of an effective educational process, the design of the educational environment, inclusive education, aesthetic education, and the basics of a healthy lifestyle.

The second day of the tour was devoted to training events, which were conducted by the best trainers of the Center for Pedagogical Excellence and the Center for Pedagogical Measurements of the capital. Workshops and seminars taught teachers about teaching methods and technology, lesson planning, differentiated learning, formatted and summative assessment, and student well-being.

 “SRDF purchases and donates to schools classrooms of a new modification according to standards close to, or equal to, NIS. That is, the NIS standard is a guideline for what physics classroom or computer science classroom should be like within the framework of the State Educational Standard. It should be noted that the school retains its status as a state, free, ordinary, not private, rural school, but with a new base and “upgraded” teachers. Each of the district schools participating in the “Rural School Powered by NIS” project has already received 15-16 classrooms of the new modification. The renovation of school equipment continues. School teachers have completed the advanced training course, and now we have started the stage of exchanging experience with other schools. From September, our teachers will go on an internship with the best specialists in the country,” said Daniyar Toktarbaev, coordinator of educational programs at the SRDF.

The tour was attended by 25 teachers of rural schools in Akmola region and East Kazakhstan region, including directors, directors of studies, psychologists and trainers of the following educational institutions: School named after. R. Marsekova (Ulan district), secondary school after S. Lastaev, secondary school in Ulken Naryn village, secondary school in Uryl (Katon-Karagay district) and the school-gymnasium of the city of Makinsk (Bulandy district). Discussions of personal cases (successful and problematic, thematic consultations) caused particular activity among teachers.