Teachers of Kyzylorda Intellectual School to Have Shared their Experience with Teachers of the Hub School of Aral Region

Within the framework of the republican social project “Development of the Potential for Hub Schools in Rural Areas”, being implemented with the support of Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools AEO and the Sustainable Development Fund, the teaching staff of NIS visited Zharaskhan Abdirashev lyceum school No. 62. As part of the joint work, strengths and weaknesses in training were identified, consultations were held and recommendations were given.

NIS teachers also conducted trainings on topical issues of education: «Lesson planning using modern teaching methods”, “Preparing students for startups and research projects”, “Analysis of the essay structure”, “Criterion assessment and approbation”, “Types of assessment and their significance in teaching”, “Effective use of STEAM learning technology” and “Developing the skills of setting and evaluating students using problem-based teaching methods in the classroom».
— At the general seminar, we talked with teachers about how and why to conduct research, — Akbota Mamadiyar, the NIS teacher of English, English. — In practice, the stages of research work were demonstrated. Teachers in groups identified the problems of their classes, made up problematic issues for them and developed a plan to solve them.
For the Deputy Directors, practical knowledge on communications and constructive feedback was conducted, and class teachers got acquainted with the peculiarities of the organization of educational work and methods of project implementation. In addition, methodological recommendations are given to the library service for the creation and implementation of an information and educational environment in the school library.
It should be noted that the project is implemented jointly by Kazakhstan Khalkyna Public Fund and Education Sustainable Development Fund. The training programs are held Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools free of charge. And all operational and administrative expenses are reimbursed by the project operator – Education Sustainable Development Fund with the sponsorship of AITAS Holding.