The traditional August meeting of teachers was held in online mode

“Augustovka”, the so-called traditional meeting of teachers was held in online mode. Issues of improving the practice of teaching and school management were widely discussed together with the heads and teachers of secondary schools on the example of real cases.

On August 15, August meeting was held for schools participating in projects of the Fund for Sustainable Rural Development.

Daniyar Toktarbayev, Director of the Fund for Sustainable Development of Education represented the Fund for Sustainable Rural Development at the plenary meeting. He spoke about the project of “Rural School powered by NIS”.

Separate sections were prepared for school teachers on 10 main subjects, where the transfer of practices of the best NIS trainers in such areas as the development of functional reading, creative thinking, mathematical, natural science, digital literacy and research skills was provided. Teachers were involved in several practical sessions on the final certification of students in terms of format, content, and approaches to developing assignments in all subjects.

At the same time, school teachers will receive methodological resources on the content of education, assessment system, methods and technologies of teaching and training from the organizers of Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools AEO.