What Digital Platforms do Rural Schools Use?

Last year, we launched a project to develop the potential of small rural schools, where we actively use digital technologies. The Ministry of Education and the Kazakhstan Khalkyna fund became partners in this project.

As well as the best educational platforms in the country, which provided their top resources to schools participating in the project for free. We want to focus on them separately. is a digital platform with interactive animation content and virtual simulators according to the school curriculum.

Daryn Pro is a system of the daryn.onlineeducational platform, which is designed for the effective organization and management of educational materials and assessment in schools.

Roqed is an interactive and easy–to-use educational software for learning through the study of hundreds of detailed 3D models and animations on scientific subjects. is an automated educational information system for teachers, parents and students.

Bilim Media Group’s online platforms:

Online mektep is a ready-made educational ecosystem for interaction between teachers and students, as well as the organization of the educational process.

В is an educational platform that consists of digital educational content, interactive learning complexes. is a digital simulator for assessing the functional literacy of teachers and students to prepare for SEAM (Students’ Educational Achivement Monitoring) and international studies. is an application through which you can read and listen to the best works of Kazakh and world literature.