What Classrooms are Equipped in Rural Schools?

Today we will talk about equipped modern classrooms and laboratories in rural schools.
Classrooms of physics, chemistry, biology, along with theoretical knowledge, are designed for conducting scientific experience and research.
The computer science and robotics classrooms have all the modern technical facilities necessary for the student. In the process of studying in the STEM laboratory, children get the opportunity to develop technical and engineering skills.

The technology classroom is equipped with various machines and tools for processing wood and metal.
In the workshop of artistic work, students create various crafts using kitchen equipment and sewing machines.

Children learn national instruments in the music room, use sports and game instruments in physical education lessons.
Each school also has libraries for additional education and the organization of various cultural events.

All these classrooms are equipped within the framework of the project “Development of the Potential of Hub Schools in Rural Areas”, implemented jointly by FSDE, AITAS Holding and the Kazakhstan Khalkyna fund.