Ulytau School No.1 is with us!

In Ulytau, we encountered a frost, but how warm was the reception at the school!) The children have prepared a performance, and our colleagues from the FSDE a presentation of the results of “Capacity Building of Hub Schools in Rural Area” project jointly with the Kazakhstan Khalkyna Fund!

About 400 children study at the school.

“We are three in a family. We all go to school No. 1. If before we were glad to cancel classes, now we are only excited about classes and do not want to miss school. Every class is special: new furniture everywhere, table-top games in the corridors, a spacious library, upholstered sofas at the entrance. I like it very much. And we have the best teachers. We want to learn and learn more”, – told a sixth-grade student Aizada Beissaly.

Fund for Sustainable Development of Education and specialists from the project partner AEO NIS has finished work for the analysis of educational environment and the quality of teaching at the school. Based on the analysis, recommendations for school development, increasing the quality of education, and identifying professional development courses needed for teachers were formed. All teachers at the school take n intensive training program from the NIS, which will run through February 2023.

New workshops, art studio, a speech therapist class, a mini-center, a modern library with a printing press, and a STEM classroom and 34 classrooms have been modernized at the Ulytau School No. 1. The financing of almost 250 million KZT was carried out within the framework of the Kazakhstan Khalkyna Fund. The Beeline Kazakhstan Company is a donor to the project, the AITAS Holding acts as a sponsor of the Fund for Sustainable Development of Education.