Aktogay school has presented the project outputs

Today, the team of FSDE has taken its morning in Aktogay village, in the Karaganda region, at a presentation at the School-Gymnasium named after Kulyash Baysseitova. It is a hub school with 50 teachers and 380 students.

By the aid of a project, the school was equipped with all classrooms (24 classrooms) and additional education workshops. In addition, the school was equipped with additional education rooms: STEM laboratory, Art studio, workshops, and a television studio, which will be the basis for broadcasting the experience to the district's magnet schools was installed. The renovation was performed with the sponsorship of the Kazakhstan Khalkyna Fund in the amount of 249,825,000 KZT.

Ksenia Verba, Director of the Sustainable Rural Development Fund, has spoken at the presentation and noted that the first part of the project has now been completed.

"The school has many years of involvement ahead of it, and we will be able to see its results in 10 or even 20 years. The next stage will be the transfer of experience and proven methodology of the project partner AEO NIS. We want the school to act as a community center, to be the center of village life. Then we can be confident that the development of rural areas in Kazakhstan will be at a high level", — has emphasized Ksenia Verba.

It is worth pointing out that the "Capacity Building of Hub Schools in Rural Area" project is being implemented by the aid of the Kazakhstan Khalkyna Fund. We thank all participants in the presentation and wish prosperity and growth to the school!