Students of S.Lastayev Village School to Passed Intensive on Web Development

Participants of the International Programming School, a volunteer project aimed at promoting the training of teenagers in programming and information technology, held a week-long intensive for students of S. Lastayev Secondary School in Katon-Karagay. From October 11 to 17, 2023, the team of the International Programming School told the students about Rontend development, testing, and Backend development.

S. Lastaev School has been a participant of the project “Rural School Powered by NIS” of the Fund for Sustainable Development of Education, AITAS Holding and Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools AEO for the fourth year. Since 2019, educational classrooms have been updated at the school at the expense of AITAS Holding, and NIS provides methodological support to the school. This year, the Fund for Sustainable Development of Education invited the International Programming School to conduct intensive training for schoolchildren in Katon-Karagay district.

Alexandra Psheborovskaya, the initiator of the programming school, flew to Katon-Karagay from Amsterdam especially to conduct classes for schoolchildren, who told the teenagers about the training of testers and testing. Tatiana Yakovleva, the experienced mentor of internships and Frontend Developer at JetBrains, flew from Munich. She told the students about Frontend development. Alexey Ivanov, the Head of the Frontend development team at Deutsche Bank from Berlin, also shared his knowledge about Backend development.
“I love my profession very much, it has given me many opportunities for self-realization and growth, and I want schoolchildren to have a choice, and they know what prospects the world of programming opens up for them,” Tatiana Yakovleva says.
The importance of such projects for schoolchildren in rural areas is emphasized by her colleague, Alexey Ivanov. “I kind of grew up in greenhouse conditions, in Moscow, studied at a good school and I understand that not everyone has such an opportunity. It seems to me that it is very important to share skills and knowledge, especially with the younger generation, so I was inspired by this idea,” he said.
During the intensive, students not only listened to lectures, but also were able to create their own web development and online applications in practice.
“I came here for the sake of interest, just out of curiosity, and we learned the basics of programming, started programming the drone and it turned out to be very interesting. In the future, I even began to consider the direction of IT for studying at the institute. I want to say that everything depends on the teacher, the guys presented their material so interestingly to us that I want to continue programming,” Alisher Nigmanov, a student of the 11th grade of S.Lastayev shool said.