New Documentary About a Rural School to Release

Rinat Balgabayev, the director screenwriter, presented a new documentary about a rural school. The film tells about the Fund for Sustainable Development of Education, which contributes to improving the quality of education in remote regions.

The heroes of the “School” documentary film were students and teachers of S. Lastayev school, where the Fund began its work five years ago. They talk about how the school has changed during this time.
“According to official statistics, 70% of schools in Kazakhstan are located in rural areas. This means that most of the students study in rural schools. Children in cities have access to modern educational technologies, whereas many rural schools do not have such opportunities. This increases social inequality and limits the opportunities of talented children. The lack of qualified teachers is also one of the main problems. In our new film, we touch on these topics,” Rinat Balgabayevsays.
The film can be viewed at this link: