Presentation of U. Zhanibekov School

On February 06 this year, the project “Development of the Hub School Potential in Rural Areas” will be presented in U.Zhanibekov Boarding Lyceum No. 4 in Shaulder village of Turkestan region.

This project is aimed at improving the quality of education, introducing the best pedagogical practices and techniques and providing the necessary material and technical base for hub schools.

To date, the staff of the Education Sustainable Development Fund and specialists of the project partner, Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools AEO have completed work on the analysis of the educational environment and the quality of teaching at school. Analysts have formed recommendations for the development of the school as a hub, and are holding advanced training courses necessary for teachers.

The school is equipped with a STEM laboratory, a TV studio and classrooms. The financing was carried out as part of the Kazakhstan Khalkyna Fund. Beeline Kazakhstan acted as a donor of the project.