Presentation of the project in the West Kazakhstan region

On January 20, the “Development of the potential of hub schools in rural areas” joint project of Kazakhstan Khalkyna Fund and the Education Sustainable Development Fund has been presented at Secondary School No. 5 of Aksai city of the education department of Burlin district of the Education Department of the Akimat of West Kazakhstan region.

“The project performs five tasks. These are the improvement of teaching technologies in rural schools, the material and technical equipment of hub rural schools, the transfer of the experience of hub schools to schools in Aktobe region, including underfilled schools. The fourth is the development of the school as a community center of the village. The fifth is the formation of a caring Kazakhstani community with the right system of values that set a new model of behavior in society: a model of responsibility and caring,” Daniyar Toktarbayev, Director of the Education Sustainable Development Fund, says. 

The project is aimed at improving the quality of education, introducing the best pedagogical practices and techniques and providing the necessary material and technical base for hub schools.

The school has 35 classrooms and workshops for additional education. In addition, modern school workshops have been installed to develop the academic and creative abilities of children, robotics and computer science classrooms, an Intellectum hall, a STEM laboratory, an ART studio, and even its own TV studio have been launched. The school library has become an additional educational resource platform for teachers, students and even parents.
Financing of almost KZT249,8 million was carried out within the framework of the Kazakhstan Khalkyna Fund.

“Today there is a gap between rural and urban schools, the decline in the quality of education is especially reflected in rural areas. For a systematic and comprehensive solution of this issue, the Kazakhstan Khalkyna Fund, together with partners, has decided to develop rural hub schools that will become competence centers and will contribute to improving the quality of teaching in other schools. Within the framework of the program “Development of the potential of hub schools in rural areas”, we equip and provide methodological support to 17 rural hub schools so that in the future the acquired knowledge and skills can be transferred to other underfilled schools where there are problems with the material and technical base and personnel. Today, 10 schools are equipped in the regions,” Lazzat Chinkisbayeva, the Deputy CEO of Kazakhstan Khalkyna Public Fund, noted.

Scientific, methodological and expert support of all methodological support of teachers of the hub school is carried out directly by the project team of Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools AEO.

It should be noted that on the site of the Intellectual School of FMD, subject internships were conducted for teachers and school administrators. The whole process is accompanied by methodological support in the form of seminars, webinars, internships, master classes and workshops. For the effectiveness of the lesson we introduce digital and educational resources. Methodological support of teachers and the school will continue until 2025.