Rural School Powered by NIS: External Monitoring of Academic Achievements to Completed

The Center for Pedagogical Measurements of Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools has completed monitoring of educational achievements of schools of the project “Rural School Powered by NIS”. More than 600 students from 5 schools took part in the monitoring. The Fund for Sustainable Development of Education shares the main conclusions of the NIS experts.

Recall that 4 schools of East Kazakhstan region participate in the project “Rural School Powered by NIS”: in Uryl, Ulken Naryn villages and S. Lastayev school of Katon-Karagai district and R. Marsekov school of Ulan district, as well as the gymnasium school of Makinsk of Akmola region.

The knowledge test for 4th grade students was held in mathematics, natural sciences, Kazakh and Russian in the context of languages of instruction. Based on the monitoring results, experts of the Center for Pedagogical Measurements note the high academic performance of students in mathematics and the Kazakh language. Also, the students easily coped with tasks of determining patterns in the sequence of numbers expressed in ordinary fractions, using formulas of division with remainder, addition and subtraction of fractions with same denominators.

“Issues related to the dependence of sound volume on distance, peculiarities of life cycles, insects with complete and incomplete transformation, distinctive features of carnivorous animals, environmental pollution turned out to be difficult for students,” the CPM report says.

8th grade students solved problems in 7 subjects within 4 hours and 40 minutes. There are 140 questions in total. They showed high results in chemistry, biology and the Kazakh language. The students also coped with most of tasks of the English language test.

According to the rules, results for each school are not made public and are sent exclusively to teachers.

Recall that the Rural School Powered by NIS is a non-profit project of the Fund for Sustainable Development of Education to reduce the gap in the quality of education between the city and the countryside, which includes two areas: teacher training and updating the material base of rural schools. The project is being implemented with the support of AITAS Holding and its founder, Serik Tolukpayev.